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Skype Has Change of Heart, Will No Longer Charge for 3G Calling

On July 21st, Skype’s blogger-in-chief, Peter Parkes provided some very good news to iPhone and iPad Skype users.  Not only has Skype been updated to support multitasking, there will be no additional charges for 3G calling as previously planned!  While this has no effect on iPad Wifi users…those with the 3G models and iPhone users will benefit from this change of heart.  Good on ya Skype!  Now please make Skype a universal app to take advantage of the iPad’s extra real estate…

Source: Skype Blogpage

Skype to Charge for 3G Calling at the End of 2010

Users of Skype for the iPhone (yes it also works on the iPad!) got the long awaited update they were asking for…in the form of 3G calling. Many were upset over the fact that Skype would be charging a ‘small monthly fee’ after the end of August for this feature. As a result, some of these users have given the Skype app a low rating on the App Store…not for the functionality of the app itself, but for the idea of being charged for 3G calling.

Now, Skype has extended the free service of 3G calling to the end of 2010. They are obviously taking the negative feedback into account by adding this extention, but is it enough to appease their customers? Will this give Skype more time to reconsider if 3G charging should be implemented? Does this go against Skype’s buisiness model of free Skype to Skype calling? Tell us what do you think.

Source: iTunes App Store

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