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iPad HD Must Have App: SketchBook Pro

I was eyeing this little puppy of an app as soon as I got my iPad.  Not an artist by any means, I was still curious as to how this performed.  Last night I checked my AppSniper app, and to my surprise I saw that SketchBook Pro was 50% off until July 4th.  I bought it last night and missed an hour’s sleep.  My first impressions of this app were fantastic…the sheer versatility of SketchBook Pro really wowed me on the iPad.  There are so many brushstroke types, sizes, colours and layers at your disposal, you can play around for hours and still find something new!  Yet they created this app with such simplicity, even the most amateur artist or doodler won’t have trouble navigating through the menus.  You can even upload photos and manipulate them with this software.

SketchBook Pro is $7.99 at full price, but it is currently offered at $3.99 until July 4th.  I highly recommend that you pick this amazing app up.  Even at full price, SketchBook Pro joins the growing list of iPad HD’s Must Have Apps!

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iBooks Updated for iPad

Apple has released an update to iBooks for the iPad.  It is now a universal app that supports the iPad, iPhone or iPod with iOS 4.0.  Continue reading to see the changelog…

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Let’s Golf 2 Preview

Gameloft has released their opening cinematic for Let’s Golf 2 for your viewing pleasure.  It will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iMovie Heading to iPad?

iMovie will be available (and exclusively) for the iPhone 4′s release, but according to some sources within Apple, iMovie may be heading to the iPad around the time iOS 4 hits the tablet this fall.  It seems like a natural progression considering the power of the iPad and its larger touch screen real estate.  Now if only the iPad had a front and rear facing camera…

Via: iClarified

Source: TidBits

Deal Alert: Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition for iPad on Sale

To celebrate the International release of the iPad, Sega has dropped the price of Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition for the iPad to $7.99. It’s only on sale for a limited time so get it while you can! You can purchase it directly through your iPad’s App Store or through iTunes on your computer.

Source: iTunes

International iPads Arrive Today!

The waiting and delays are finally over…the iPad has arrived internationally!  The App Store is very easy to navigate and I like the incorporation of Coverflow to display “In the Spotlight” Apps.  iBooks is free and available to download but still strangely states that iBooks is only available to customers in the United States.  You can browse the iBookstore, but it doesn’t offer paid E-Books yet and the NY Times best seller list is still unavailable.  The good news is there are many free Project Gutenberg E-Books to choose from!

Did you pre-order one?  Are you still debating over a Wifi model vs. Wifi +3G?  Do you want to try before you buy?  Do you have any questions before you invest in one?  Feel free to leave a question or comment!

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