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Deal Alert: Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition

For a limited time, Capcom has dropped Resident Evil 4 iPad Edition to $4.99…down 50%! Grab this HD title before it jumps back up.  You can download it directly from your iPad or by clicking the iTunes link.

International iPads Arrive Today!

The waiting and delays are finally over…the iPad has arrived internationally!  The App Store is very easy to navigate and I like the incorporation of Coverflow to display “In the Spotlight” Apps.  iBooks is free and available to download but still strangely states that iBooks is only available to customers in the United States.  You can browse the iBookstore, but it doesn’t offer paid E-Books yet and the NY Times best seller list is still unavailable.  The good news is there are many free Project Gutenberg E-Books to choose from!

Did you pre-order one?  Are you still debating over a Wifi model vs. Wifi +3G?  Do you want to try before you buy?  Do you have any questions before you invest in one?  Feel free to leave a question or comment!

Keynote and Pages Arrive on the Canadian iPad App Store – Updated

Two out of three iWork Apps have arrived on the Canadian IPad App Store.  Keynote and Pages are now available for purchase at $9.99 each.  Numbers must still be going through the approval process…

Update:  All three iWork Apps are now happily together in the iPad App Store.  Sadly, iBooks is still M.I.A. after briefly arriving first on the Canadian iPad App Store…

iPad HD Must Have App: Wunder Radio

Have you already filled your iPad with music, HD apps and videos? Here is an app by Weather Underground that will add more versatility to your iPad. It’s called Wunder Radio…a music app that is a hub to over 50,000 internet radio stations around the world! Priced at $6.99 with no subscription fees, this universal app is not only a bargain…it’s iPad HD’s 1st ‘Must Have App’ recommendation!

I’ve had this app on my iPhone for over a year and was very excited to see Wunder Radio updated as a universal app. This means that you don’t need to make a secondary purchase if you already own this app…and it is optimized for the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch! Weather Underground made great use of the iPad’s extra real estate, making your navigation through this app a breeze.

If you like to listen to music, sports, news or weather…Wunder Radio has you covered. XM/Serious subscriber? Wunder Radio also has you covered! You will not regret this purchase. You can read more on Wunder Radio by going to their website or via iTunes by clicking this link.

Apple Integrating E-Books to Canada’s iBook Store – Updated

In preparation for the iPad’s international arrival, Apple has switched on the non-US iTunes App Store a little early. At that time, I noticed that I could access the Canadian iBook Store but there were no books available. Now, Apple has integrated the Project Gutenberg E-Books into the iBook Store, allowing you to download free E-Books from your Canadian iTunes account. Can anyone else access the iBook Store ouside of North America yet? Let us know in the Comments Section!

Update:  iBooks app has gone live in the Canadian iPad App Store…still no paid books yet and still requires users to live in the United States.

Update 2:  iBooks has vanished from the Canadian iPad App Store…perhaps Apple is working out some last minute bugs to get it ready for the May 28 official arrival…

Happy 30th Birthday PAC-MAN!

Dirty dirty…today PAC-MAN turns 30! Happy birthday buddy! To celebrate this milestone in the video game icon’s life, Namco has put all PAC-MAN related games for the iPhone and iPad on sale. My personal retro favorite is Ms. PAC-MAN for all the extra levels…and a steal at $0.99! Also check out for a unique playable level of PAC-MAN.

Deal Alert: BeejiveIM for iPad

Beejive, Inc. has released BeejiveIM for the iPad and they are offering it at an introductory price of $5.99. You can download it from iTunes on your computer or directly from your iPad.

Official Twitter App Now Available

On May 18th, Twitter Inc. released the official Twitter app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It also works with the iPad. Twitter Inc. purchased Tweetie 2 from Atebits…a paid app which received a lot of praise from reviewers and users. Now Tweetie 2 is officially called Twitter and is free to download.

iPad App Store Now Available Outside the US

Apple has flipped the ‘on’ switch for the iPad’s App Store for International early adopters. iPad owners outside the US don’t have to log on to a US iTunes account to view the App Store on their shiny new device. Sure, you could download iPad apps from your computer’s iTunes App Store for over a month now but where’s the fun in that? Now…when you tap the App Store app on your iPad, you should no longer see those two nasty alerts, “iTunes can not complete your request” and “The App Store is not supported in this Country”.

Sadly, Apple’s iWork suite…Pages, Numbers and Keynote have not arrived in my Canadian App Store as of yet. The iBooks app seems to be missing as well. Oh well…another 8 days of waiting is a small price to pay considering I got to play around with my iPad before the Canadian pre-orderers do!

Deal Alert: Dragon’s Lair

YouTube Preview ImageI remember playing this Laserdisc at the ol’ Chuck E. Cheese as a kid…the first arcade game that cost 50 cents to play! Publisher Electronic Arts originally had this game on the AppStore for $4.99 but you can grab it now for the low price of $0.99! Made for the iPhone/iPod Touch…it looks and plays very well on the iPad.

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