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Chaos Rings for iPad Now Available

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Square Enix has released an HD version of Chaos Rings exclusively for the iPad.  This version boasts a beefed up resolution of 1024×768 pixels.  For those that haven’t heard of Chaos Rings, it is a Role Playing game designed from the ground up that started off on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  Those who have played Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX on the PlayStation 1 will feel at home with Chaos Rings’ static but visually stunning hand painted graphics with turn based 3D battle scenes.

Square Enix is known for their fantastic story lines, emotion heightening soundtracks and strategic gameplay which keeps their fan base coming back for more and Chaos Rings doesn’t disappoint.  If you are an RPG fan or are looking for an App that provides more than a 5 minute gaming fix, your money will be well spent with this App.  Chaos Rings for iPad is available now at the App Store for $15.99.  In celebration of this release, Square Enix is offering all of their Apps at a discounted price for 2 weeks so be sure to check out their other digital offerings as well!

Source: iTunes App Store

iOS 3.2.2 Now Available For iPad

Apple has wasted very little time to bring this update for your iPad.  The only known addition is a patch for the JailbreakMe exploit used to jailbreak all iDevices.  So if you want to stay jailbroken, or would like to jailbreak your iPad, I would suggest staying on 3.2.1.  I would also recommend that you save your SHSH blobs in case you accidentally update your iPad.  SHSH blobs allow you to downgrade your iPad and are unique per iPad.  This means you can’t Google and download SHSH blobs.  You have to retrieve them yourself.

Did You Jailbreak Your iPad?

While the topic of the legality of ‘jailbreaking’ your iDevice remained in limbo for quite some time, the recent US government ruling that it is in fact legal is great news for jailbreakers.  The term ‘jailbreak’ relating to iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads refers to providing freedom from a ‘locked platform’.  It essentially gives you root access to your device and allows you to install 3rd party software that is not found in Apple’s App Store.  A similar example is the state of your computer.  You are not restricted to only installing the manufacturer’s software.  You have full access to install whatever 3rd party software you like. Your jailbroken device gives you that freedom.  In fact, apps were created and enjoyed for jailbroken iPhone 2Gs before there was even an official App Store!  Continue reading to see how easy it is to jailbreak your iPad and what you should watch out for to keep your iPad jailbroken…

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