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Chaos Rings for iPad Now Available

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Square Enix has released an HD version of Chaos Rings exclusively for the iPad.  This version boasts a beefed up resolution of 1024×768 pixels.  For those that haven’t heard of Chaos Rings, it is a Role Playing game designed from the ground up that started off on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  Those who have played Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX on the PlayStation 1 will feel at home with Chaos Rings’ static but visually stunning hand painted graphics with turn based 3D battle scenes.

Square Enix is known for their fantastic story lines, emotion heightening soundtracks and strategic gameplay which keeps their fan base coming back for more and Chaos Rings doesn’t disappoint.  If you are an RPG fan or are looking for an App that provides more than a 5 minute gaming fix, your money will be well spent with this App.  Chaos Rings for iPad is available now at the App Store for $15.99.  In celebration of this release, Square Enix is offering all of their Apps at a discounted price for 2 weeks so be sure to check out their other digital offerings as well!

Source: iTunes App Store

iOS 3.2.2 Now Available For iPad

Apple has wasted very little time to bring this update for your iPad.  The only known addition is a patch for the JailbreakMe exploit used to jailbreak all iDevices.  So if you want to stay jailbroken, or would like to jailbreak your iPad, I would suggest staying on 3.2.1.  I would also recommend that you save your SHSH blobs in case you accidentally update your iPad.  SHSH blobs allow you to downgrade your iPad and are unique per iPad.  This means you can’t Google and download SHSH blobs.  You have to retrieve them yourself.

Did You Jailbreak Your iPad?

While the topic of the legality of ‘jailbreaking’ your iDevice remained in limbo for quite some time, the recent US government ruling that it is in fact legal is great news for jailbreakers.  The term ‘jailbreak’ relating to iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads refers to providing freedom from a ‘locked platform’.  It essentially gives you root access to your device and allows you to install 3rd party software that is not found in Apple’s App Store.  A similar example is the state of your computer.  You are not restricted to only installing the manufacturer’s software.  You have full access to install whatever 3rd party software you like. Your jailbroken device gives you that freedom.  In fact, apps were created and enjoyed for jailbroken iPhone 2Gs before there was even an official App Store!  Continue reading to see how easy it is to jailbreak your iPad and what you should watch out for to keep your iPad jailbroken…

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Deal Alert: Underworlds Ultimate Edition

If you are a fan of adventure style role-playing games, you can’t miss this deal of the day. Pixel Mine’s Underworlds Ultimate Edition is available as a free download for a limited time.  The fine folks at are offering this HD iPad app as their featured free app. Time to slay some beasts!


Source: iTunes App Store

Skype Has Change of Heart, Will No Longer Charge for 3G Calling

On July 21st, Skype’s blogger-in-chief, Peter Parkes provided some very good news to iPhone and iPad Skype users.  Not only has Skype been updated to support multitasking, there will be no additional charges for 3G calling as previously planned!  While this has no effect on iPad Wifi users…those with the 3G models and iPhone users will benefit from this change of heart.  Good on ya Skype!  Now please make Skype a universal app to take advantage of the iPad’s extra real estate…

Source: Skype Blogpage

Deal Alert: Capcom Games On Sale

In celebration for Comic Con, Capcom has discounted some of their Apps.  Continue reading to see which Apps went on sale…

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Netflix Bringing Their Streaming Goodness to Canada

Netflix, a California based company recently announced plans to bring their service outside the U.S.  Canada will be the first to receive this service sometime this Fall.  Netflix allows monthly subscribers to stream movies and tv shows to their computer’s and other mobile devices such as the iPad!  No word yet on the actual start date of the Netflix service in Canada or what it will cost.


Still Deciding Which iPad to Buy?

With two versions, three capacity sizes and six price points, it can be confusing as to which iPad you should buy.  Do you need to be connected to the internet at all times or do you live in a city where free WiFi is readily available at various locations?  Are there any other differences between the WiFi only and the WiFi + 3G iPads?  If you are still debating on which iPad to buy, feel free to read more on my opinions about the subtle differences between the various offerings of the iPad.

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Canadian iBookstore Now Offers Paid E-Books

Time to blow the digital dust off your iBookshelf…Apple has quietly and recently updated the Canadian iBoostore to include paid e-books.  Now you can get your Twilight fix in digital form and continue reading your free classics on this great app.  Hopefully Apple will bring back the NY Times Bestsellers list as well.

Source: iTunes iBookstore

iPad HD Must Have App: SketchBook Pro

I was eyeing this little puppy of an app as soon as I got my iPad.  Not an artist by any means, I was still curious as to how this performed.  Last night I checked my AppSniper app, and to my surprise I saw that SketchBook Pro was 50% off until July 4th.  I bought it last night and missed an hour’s sleep.  My first impressions of this app were fantastic…the sheer versatility of SketchBook Pro really wowed me on the iPad.  There are so many brushstroke types, sizes, colours and layers at your disposal, you can play around for hours and still find something new!  Yet they created this app with such simplicity, even the most amateur artist or doodler won’t have trouble navigating through the menus.  You can even upload photos and manipulate them with this software.

SketchBook Pro is $7.99 at full price, but it is currently offered at $3.99 until July 4th.  I highly recommend that you pick this amazing app up.  Even at full price, SketchBook Pro joins the growing list of iPad HD’s Must Have Apps!

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